Our Facilities

McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC is located in Saratoga County and encompasses over 400 acres of farmland. The farm is comprised of five properties including the Fitch Road Farm, Old Saratoga Thoroughbreds, Meadowview Farm, the Yearling Barn, and Eastview Farm.
The Fitch Road Farm is located just five minutes from the Union Avenue gate of the Saratoga Race Course at 180 Fitch Road, Saratoga Springs, NY. The proximity to the track is a real advantage to our clients who enjoy making the short trip to the farm to see the stallions or their mares and foals.
The brick house at McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC was built in the 1770’s by Ebenezer Fitch and was the original house built with neighboring River Run Farm.
The Fitch Road Farm occupies 100 acres and is home to a ten stall stallion complex. The business office, the breeding shed, a laboratory and an apartment are housed under the stallion barn roof. The stallion complex is separated from the mare barns by Stetkar and Fitch Roads, giving the stallions a peaceful and secluded area. The Fitch Road Farm also has four other barns on the property with 47 additional stalls and run-in sheds in the larger turnout paddocks.
Formerly known as The Dodd Farm, Old Saratoga Thoroughbreds is a 36 acre farm with 20 stalls owned by John and Kate McMahon in the town of Schuylerville. Old Saratoga Thoroughbreds is located just a few minutes from the Fitch Road Farm. This farm was purchased by in 1994. All of the foaling takes place here at John and Kate’s farm.
Meadowview Farm is also part of the original Dodd Farm and was first used for crops since its purchase in 1994. Most recently this land has been fenced and two large barns are complete. The 20 stall Meadowview Barn area houses primarily mares and foals, and the 20 stall Yearling Barn area is completely dedicated to our young horses. There is an 80 foot covered eurosizer and both small and large turnout paddocks, some with run-in sheds.
McMahon Thoroughbreds’ most recent addition is the 100 acre Eastview Farm. The property adjoins Meadowview Farm and Old Saratoga Thoroughbreds and is used entirely for broodmares and foals. There is also a hay and storage barn located on Eastview Farm. We grow nearly all of our own hay and straw, renting approximately 500 acres of land in Saratoga County.